F1 teams lobby for pit-stop rule mod

With an outcry from Formula 1 fans over the internet on Monday following a less-than-spectacular season-opening race in Bahrain on Sunday, certain team members are now considering a mandatory pit-stop rule, which would force drivers to pit at least twice as opposed to the general pattern of one stop per car at Sakhir. With 7-time World Champion Michael Schumacher having explained after the race that 'overtaking is basically impossible', Red Bull's Mark Webber also criticized the regulations after the weekend via his personal Twitter account. 'Wow! New rules, not sure huh?' the Australian wrote. 'Why do they keep dicking with it? Followed Mercedes power for the whole race, no chance to overtake – again.'
With the ban on refueling meaning that the quickest strategy was to pit once for the necessary change of tire compound, Mercedes GP CEO Nick Fry believes that the sport must not turn a blind eye to the Bahrain Grand Prix, despite its general reputation of not delivering fantastic on-track battles.

"I think it would be bad if we didn't react," he explained to reporters. "I think we've all seen a race which is far from the most exciting we have ever seen and what we now need to do is, between us (the teams), have a look at this and establish what we do need to do next."

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has given his support for a compulsory 2-stop plan, as has former team owner and BBC television pundit Eddie Jordan. "No, there wasn't enough overtaking and I would have liked to see two stops as a mandatory situation," the Irishman told Reuters.

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