Turkey to be dropped from 2010 calendar

(GMM) On the face of it, F1 recently presented a healthy 19 race dates for the 2010 calendar.

But so many of those venues are under a cloud: Canada and Germany are subject to the signing of contracts, Britain's two alternative circuits are not guaranteed races, Spa's racing license has been revoked, and South Korea's new venue is only half built.

Meanwhile, the latest uncertainty surrounds the May 30 allocation for the 2010 Turkish grand prix. Istanbul is therefore due to host a race within days of the Monaco GP, and the logistical impracticality of that prospect has been discussed this weekend by the FOTA group.

According to rumors, the most likely outcome is that the race, promoted currently by Bernie Ecclestone but not expected to retain a long-term presence on the calendar, is dropped altogether.

Officially, the Turkish GP, criticized for attracting so small a crowd earlier this year, is due to move to June 6 if the negotiations with Montreal fall through, which would give teams a more feasible time-frame to travel to the venue.

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