Montoya blows off interview, in trouble?

Juan Pablo Montoya may be in trouble with NASCAR – certainly with its PR operations — after an incident in which he blew off a pre-planned satellite interview with a major California Fox affiliate, Sacramento's KTXL. Montoya and NASCAR both are now on that station's D-list. And Sacramento is, of course, the state capital, where governor Arnold Schwarzenegger holds forth. Schwarzenegger typically attends NASCAR events in that state, and will likely be at Southern California's Auto Club Speedway in a few weeks for the California 500 chase race. Montoya was doing a routine round of Sprint Cup championship chase interviews Saturday in advance for the first race of the chase, but when 5 o'clock rolled around, he took off his mike and walked off the NASCAR set. Much to the chagrin of the KTXL reporters who had been patiently awaiting their NASCAR-scheduled spot in the interview line. See the video of the incident and Jim Crandell's commentary about it and NASCAR's waning popularity at

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