Formula One bosses to amend laws

The World Motor Sport Council appear set to review their policy in relation to punishing team members following Formula One’s Renault race-fix scandal.

In deciding not to dispute the allegation made by the FIA, Renault have effectively admitted conspiring with then driver Nelson Piquet Junior of causing a crash to the advantage of Fernando Alonso.

However, it is only Renault who will stand before the 26 members of the Council.

Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds will also now not attend after they resigned from their posts on Wednesday. Under FIA regulations, as neither Briatore nor Symonds are no longer associated with a license holder — that applies to drivers and teams only — no formal action may be taken against them under the International Sporting Code.

Although the Council have unlimited power when it comes to imposing a penalty against Renault, they are now powerless to act against Briatore and Symonds, despite the severity of the case.

It is why an amendment to the International Sporting Code seems set to be debated, and if agreed, will allow the FIA to act in the future. Belfast Telegraph

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