NASCAR to announce consistent start times

Atlanta Motor Speedway president Ed Clark told reporters on Saturday he has heard more talk that NASCAR could soon announce more consistent starting times for its 2010 schedule. Clark said the standard start time for afternoon races may be 1 p.m. and the consistent start for night races 7:30 p.m. Some races, including Atlanta's March race, have had later starting times.

"What I've heard is TV wanted the later starting times, but what they found is that when they had a 3 o'clock start time or whatever, people would come home from church and do other things," Clark said.

"They feel like if they know the race is going to start at 1 o'clock and it's the same all the time, it's better.

"The TV people are the ones who came back and said we want it to be the same. I think that will be very well received by the fans."

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