Dallara will have competition

Recall that during the Watkins Glen race weekend we asked IRL President Brian Barnhart why he was going to sole source the new IndyCar chassis to Dallara as he stated previously (we have the proof he indeed said that). We asked why on earth would you sole source such a contract instead of putting it out to bid to the lowest bidder so the teams get the best price? Having been put on the spot he stumbled over his words and then stated he never said it would be sole sourced to Dallara. Of course he would say that because he and everyone else in the room knew we were right.

Well lo and behold it must be working. Robin Miller reported on Wind Tunnel Sunday night that Dallara is supposedly mad because they don't know whether they'll be the selected chassis builder for the 2012 IndyCar.

Amen to that. May the best bid win!

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