Fiat eyes IndyCar?

UPDATE #2 Robin Miller speculated on Wind Tunnel Sunday night that it is unlikely IndyCar will see multiple engine manufacturers. Apparently FIAT is the only manufacturer that has interest outside of Honda. But FIAT wants to be the sole engine manufacturer for IndyCar. However, we hear that VW still has some interest, but only if it is a 4-cyclinder turbo engine.

06/28/09 This rumor is downgraded to 'speculation' as it was all a ploy by Ferrari for F1 political reasons. However, we hear parent company Fiat may want in.

06/15/09 Luca di Montezemolo shocked the reporters' pack at Le Mans, as he hinted the Indy 500 as a possible destination for Ferrari in case of a breakup with the FOTA constructors and failure in getting an agreement with FIA. The arrival of Ferrari would require rule changes, Montezemolo said, though it'll be a viable option.

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