Said to drive full time for Clark

Boris Said would love to be driving full time in NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series. But most of all, the tall Californian with the trademark head of big curly hair just wants to race. So this weekend fans at Barber Motorsports Park can catch the veteran Said driving a bright yellow and blue BMW in the Koni GS Series as co-driver with Matt Bell, one of road-racing's brightest young talents. Said — whose fans wear big curly wigs and called themselves Said Heads — is known to NASCAR fans as a road-racing specialist — and he'll be back at Watkins Glen for the Cup's second road-course race. Said expects to finalize a merger between his own No Fear team and Rick Clark Motorsports. Plans for the merger were announced in February at Daytona but were held up until now. "It didn't get done yet because the economy slowed us down, the lawyers slowed us down," Said said. "I think we're going to have it done next week." The intention is to run a full time schedule, but that depends — as it usually does in these economic times — on sponsorship. Said has his fingers crossed about that but says he's "a glass half-empty guy" on such things. "They're trying really hard to do the whole season," he said. "We're going to do as much as we can." Alabama Live

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