NASCAR wants to buy IRL, monopolize racing

UPDATE #3 We will not merge with Grand-Am or the IRL. Similarly, there are absolutely no discussions or even thoughts about merging. Why would we? We enjoy racing with the IRL several times a year and we anticipate that continuing. The two series racing together complement each other very well and make an ideal combination of world-class road racing. It’s a proven winner with fans and event promoters, but I think each series enjoys the benefits of being autonomous, too. Scott Atherton, President and CEO of ALMS

07/04/09 IRL spokesperson Fred Nation told that "If NASCAR has expressed interest in buying the IRL I have not heard about it and I can tell you that the Hulman George family has no interest in selling the Indy Speedway or the IRL."

07/02/09 Robin Miller rumors VW meeting with NASCAR recently. While many might think this was VW looking at entering NASCAR, it could also mean that NASCAR is indeed looking at buying the IRL as our sources tell us, and if true, then indeed VW would want to meet with NASCAR to understand what their plans for the IRL would be. Would they do their usual like they did with the USAC speedway car and with the Grand-Am Daytona Prototypes and dumb them down and NASCARize them? If that were the case, order the flowers and plan the funeral, IndyCar as a racing formula would die a quick death. However, maybe for once they would do the right thing and turn it into a series much like the old CART, a series similar to F1, but cheaper, that perked the interest of open wheel fans worldwide. Mark C.

06/30/09 With Tony George deciding to step down as CEO of the IRL and with the series bleeding money since its inception, coupled with the fact that George has been removed as President of the Indy Motor Speedway where for years he funneled Speedway profits to prop up the IRL, everyone wonders how the IRL can survive without a major cash infusion.

According to sources, NASCAR has been sniffing around and with their goal of monopolizing all racing in the USA, see this as an opportunity to acquire the cash strapped league and bring it under their umbrella. We predict that the France family will ultimately buy the IRL and then set their sights on the ALMS (which they will eventually destroy using the Grand-Am) and then NHRA. Once they conquer them NASCAR will be to racing as the NFL is to football, the MLB is to Baseball, the NBA is to basketball and the NHL is to hockey – a monopoly. You read it here first many years ago, and all the pieces of the puzzle are now falling into place. The ALMS will be the next to fall.

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