FIA may publish qualifying car weights

(GMM) The FIA is considering publishing the weights of cars after the final phase of qualifying sessions in 2009.

The move, claimed in the online diary of British F1 television broadcaster James Allen, would presumably be for the benefit of the spectators.

Knowing the weight of cars after qualifying would put into context the formation of the grid, given the rule requiring drivers to enter the final 'Q3' phase with the fuel for the first stint of the race.

But Allen, who is not switching from ITV to Britain's new F1 broadcaster BBC this year, said he would not be a fan of the new system.

"I think it is mad as it takes away from the suspense of the opening part of the race and might make teams inclined to do more or less the same thing on fuel strategy as each other, which will create more of a procession," he wrote.

Allen also claims that TV viewers will hear more car-to-pit radio dialogue in 2009, with teams no longer to be given the option of only broadcasting transmissions when they press a pitwall button.

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