Walker may sue Craig Gore

Derrick Walker may sue Craig Gore for non-payment of sponsorship money for the 2007 season. “We gave him (Gore) in writing an opportunity to settle this and not go through a legal dogfight," Walker told SPEEDTV.com, who formed Team Australia with Gore three years ago.

“It’s up to him to respond by tomorrow so if there’s no response or no effort to resolve, then Tuesday I start building my case. There’s damages, money owed and I’ve got a huge paper trail. I have no hesitation going into court to prove our case."

“He (Gore) had a signed agreement for 2008 but he led me on until the last minute and then jumped over to Kalkhoven," continued Walker, who also lost driver Will Power to Kalkhoven’s team. “This is about 2007 and default payments and I have no option but to take him to court.

“He took my driver, my engineer and completely submarined us, so it’s pretty shabby to say the least.

“If he’s smart, he’ll make a good faith effort and he can settle this by taking care of last year."

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