Where will Tracy end up

UPDATE Another reader writes, Dear AutoRacing1.com, Chip made it clear that Lloyd was signed to a development program, perhaps the Indy 500 and one or two other races, and there would not be a full season effort unless a sponsor could be found. Sponsor that was willing to contribute a budget similar to the other two cars he runs for Target. CGR was hoping Tony George would run Lloyd at Vision for car count but that went out the window with ‘unification’.

I don’t think Gerry Forsythe is going to be writing that kind of check to CGR so PT can go racing, and Tony George doesn’t need Lloyd to drive a car for car count at Vision so this scenario sure doesn’t make a lot of sense.

For it to be valid all of a sudden Tony George has to be willing to write a check for a full season for Lloyd that he was unwilling to write even before the ‘unification’ and a big time sponsor, or check writer, materialize on behalf of PT for a seat at CGR. Chip sure as heck isn’t writing a check for PT. Someone is barking up the wrong tree with this one as it doesn’t even pass the smell test. Patty Clark

03/03/08 A reader asks, Dear AutooRacing1.com, With Forsythe Championship Racing shutting down, where will Paul Tracy land for 2008 given it is so late in the game? Dave Samuels

Dear Dave, Rumor has it that Alex Lloyd will be sent from Ganassi to Vision Racing and Tracy may end up taking Lloyd's seat at Ganassi Racing. Mark C.

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