Champ Car may finally get its death wish

UPDATE A reader writes, Dear, Since the end of the season, there has been so little news (except for the bad news) coming from Champ Car can you please provide us with your prognosis on where the series is heading? I am staunch Champ Car supporter, but I am getting the genuine sense that Champ Car is in its last days. What makes things worse for me, and I suspect many others, is if Champ Car should finally give up the ghost, I refuse to spend my money on or even follow any series led by Tony George. This is a very painful notion. Please help me out… Mark Maslona – Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Mark, From where just about everyone sits, it appears the plan is to keep Champ Car alive by feeding on the various ride-buyer checks that come along each year. Apparently this was the five year plan we never saw because we see zero growth – no new major sponsors, no new teams, no manufacturers, no hiring of big name drivers, just more of the same wait for the last minute and see which drivers can bring the most money to the table before the first race in April. It's too bad Tony Cochrane turned down Champ Car's attempt to hire him as he would have been the shot in the arm the series needed. Yes, Cochrane denied he was talking to Champ Car but in fact he was. Mark C.

12/19/07 This article paints the real picture of Paul Tracy going to the IRL out of disgust for being asked to take a large pay cut by Forsythe Racing. As the article says, "given Champ Car's record, it's only natural that they would try to sabotage themselves by forcing out their only recognizable star driver." It would be the final nail in Champ Car's coffin, their final death wish come true.

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