Is Kalkhoven counting penguins again?

A reader writes, Dear, Is Kevin Kalkhoven away counting penguins again? The driver lineups are almost all set in F1, NASCAR and the IRL yet Champ Car is in its usual off-season disarray with no driver news and sponsor announcements. Your Silly Season page shows just how bad things are. George Heel

Dear George, With no sponsors coming into the series as of yet it's likely the team owners are waiting to see who gets an F1 seat and then who has money (a check) to bring to Champ Car. Then Champ Car will have its annual owners meeting and decide which teams are short of cash and somehow juggle it so everything falls into place before Long Beach. Most races will be in low definition on ESPN and ESPN2 next year so sponsors won't be knocking down the doors anytime soon, preferring instead to spend their money in NASCAR, the IRL and F1, all of which broadcast in high-definition where their logos show up much better. Mark C.

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