Will third time be the charm for Ansan?

UPDATE As can be seen in this Google Maps image, the track itself in Ansan is done. The work remaining includes finishing the garages, media center and other ancillary stuff. The track you see is a 1.73-mile road course. For a street circuit that is not so bad, but for a natural terrain road course that is ridiculously short. Let's hope the new developer will do what's necessary to make it a proper race track.

04/11/07 According to AutoRacing1.com sources, and much to our surprise, there is still a good possibility that Champ Car will race in Ansan, South Korea. We hear that the city is currently in the process of reviewing RFP's (Request for Proposals) for development of both the circuit and the surrounding real estate. This is a billion dollar effort that includes an on-site, 87 story hotel, condos, restaurants, movie/TV production facilities and much more. It is massive to say the least.

The consortium includes some of the largest development and media companies in the region. A 2008 Champ Car event is factored into the project and it's preferred promoter is one of the top consortium bidders. As we understand it Champ Car has already expressed in writing absolute interest in racing there in 2008. A decision on the RFP winner will be made on April 25th.

Based on this development, the event would have everything needed to host a spectacular, 5-star event. Given that the track was almost complete and a lot of money already invested before the race was cancelled (twice), one would hope it does not go to waste. If it happens, we would expect this event to be paired with the Zhuhai, China race on back-to-back weekends in coming years.

After two previous false starts, will the third time will be the charm?

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