Indy 500 struggling for entries?

UPDATE Target Chip Ganassi Racing, PDM Racing and Playa Del Racing have all now put in entries for the Indy 500 bringing the number of cars to 32 although there is no word on who will drive the PDM and Playa Del Racing entries. Playa Del Racing is the first team to enter a Panoz primary chassis for this year's race.

04/04/07 Entries for the Indianapolis 500 close when the US Postal Service delivers the last applications mailed with an April 4 postmark (possibly some time next year, i.e. snail mail) and at the moment there are 20 drivers and 51 cars entered. There seems to be little chance of reaching the traditional level of 33 starters.

The 27 entries include five from Andretti Green Racing, four from Tony George's Vision Racing, three from AJ Foyt Enterprises and a third entry for Penske, although there has been no word at all about who might drive the car – if it runs at all.

The six other entries without nominated drivers are from Vision (1), Foyt (2), Beck Motorsports (2) and Indy Pro Series team Sam Schmidt Motorsports.

It is interesting to note that there are no entries at all from Cheever and Fernandez Racing both of which might have been expected to file entries this year, even if they cannot raise the funding for full Indy Racing League programs.

[Editor's Note: Brian Barnhart said he is not worried about filling the 33 car field, which probably means he knows his boss Tony George will pay for however many cars are necessary to fill the field.]

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