Is NASCAR money train grinding to a halt?

In the midst of all the Car of Tomorrow hoopla, another major issue is going down this weekend.
NASCAR has too much of a good thing. Big-money sponsors want in, but some of them can't find a spot.

More than any other sports league, NASCAR is dependent on corporate sponsorship. Teams can't race without the millions of dollars companies spend to place their logos on cars.

But cars with major financial backing are going home without racing, failing to make the show in NASCAR's qualifying system. And some companies that want to put their names on cars are being told no because of exclusivity rights of other sponsors.

Keeping everybody happy in the money train is NASCAR's big problem.

While the IndyCar Series and Champ Car World Series struggle to put 20 cars on the starting grid, NASCAR usually has 50 or more cars each week trying to make the 43-car field. More at

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