Tony George undermining his own IRL

Bob Varsha writes in this article – "In a December edition of his widely-read ‘Editor's Notebook' column in National Speed Sport News, Chris Economaki cites a reader survey in Sports Business Journal in which respondents who consider themselves open-wheel fans say they prefer F-1 over the domestic IRL and Champ Car series by a wide margin. You know what Mark Twain said about statistics being right up there among falsehoods, but I think the data says something important about the growth of the F1 audience. I also wonder what Tony George and his staff at the Speedway think about all the time and money they've sunk into the USGP arguably helping to upstage their own open-wheel championship."

Not only has bringing NASCAR to the Brickyard helped destroy IndyCar Racing, so too has bringing in the USGP F1 race apparently. We don't see IndyCars racing at Monaco and Daytona now do we. Bernie E. and the France Family are too smart for that, yet Tony George gives them free reign over what was once IndyCar's hallowed ground. A lot of people blame Tony George for the destruction of American Indy Car racing. The evidence is mounting…..

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