Things that make you go hmm…..

A reader asks, Dear, In your rumors you had mentioned that in 2007 there would be at least 3 Champ Car/ALMS doubleheaders. Now the IRL has announced two doubleheaders with ALMS in Detroit and St. Pete for 2007. Did the IRL do this purposely to confuse fans and try to make fans think that they are Champ Car? Or is ALMS playing both sides? They should pick one or the other, not both. From a Champ Car fan's perspective it just doesn't seem right for Champ Cars to race with a series that is also racing with its competitor. It would be like Atlantics doing a doubleheader with NASCAR. Rod, Orlando, FL.

Dear Rod, Maybe Tony George has finally realized that the France family is the real enemy to the future existence of open wheel racing, not Champ Car. Have ALMS, Champ Car and the IRL struck a deal to eventually form a road racing centric powerhouse to fend off the monopolistic strategy of the oval-centric Frances? Panoz, who makes the new Champ Car and who owns the ALMS, could be a key figure in all this because of his relationship with Champ Car, and the IRL. In addition there are now rumors of Cosworth becoming an ALMS engine supplier. If the three series could find a way to merge, and consolidate their resources, we could have the makings of something very special. A key engine manufacturer executive, whose name shall remain anonymous, recently said "something big is up," and the fact that the ALMS will now have 5 of its 12 races with Champ Car and the IRL next year, makes one go hmm…… Mark C.

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