These two Brazilians now enemies

National Speed Sport News reports that Tony Kanaan's decision to race with Helio Castroneves, despite the fact he was one lap down, has strained any friendship the two drivers were perceived to have, according to Castroneves.

"There's not much to discuss with Tony to be honest," Castroneves said. "After that, it's hard to consider that guy to be a friend. To be honest, I have no idea why he did that. I have to do a lot of thinking, but right now, he's not my favorite person in the world. Before that, I considered him a friend.

"Disappointing, friends come and go. It won't change my life if he doesn't like me. Apparently, he doesn't, so it's very, very sad to come to that conclusion. I have no hard feelings, but he does for no reason. It's very upsetting."

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