Mosley hints at ‘impeding’ rule change

(GMM) Max Mosley says the governing body is considering changing the rules so that drivers are not unfairly penalized in future.

The FIA president, responding to an uproar in Spain – not to mention in the Renault camp at Monza – admitted that he felt sorry for Fernando Alonso after the Spaniard was dumped to the heart of the grid for 'impeding' Ferrari's Felipe Massa in qualifying.

Mosley said: ''If you have rules in a sport you have to apply them.

''At the end of the season what we are thinking very seriously about is saying we are only going to look at these (incidents) if there is evidence of intent, which I don't think there was in this case.''

Alonso was close to tears in a scrum of journalists on Sunday morning as he expressed disbelief at on-board replays of Massa supposedly being held up.

''I don't consider formula one like a sport anymore,'' he fumed.

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