Forsythe eyes 4-car Champ team has learned through its exclusive sources that Gerald Forsythe is seriously considering a 4-car Champ Car team in 2007. In addition to Paul Tracy and AJ Allmendinger (who is expected to stay at Forsythe despite his limited NASCAR truck deal), we hear that an existing Champ Car driver and a top IRL driver are begging for a spot on this mega-team. Sorry, we are sworn to secrecy as to who the two new names are.

If true, we look for more than 24 cars on the grid in Champ Car in 2007, despite the 24-car cap that Kevin Kalkhoven mentioned recently. We are led to believe there is some flexibility in that number depending on who it is that wants in. Already they have 4 new cars, 2 each from Gelles and Pacific Coast. Add 2 more from Forsythe and 2 more from Stoddart and there are 8 new cars for 2007. 18 this year (we expect all 18 back) plus 8 = a possible 26 car grid in 2007. Mark C.

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