Lopez to look for Champ Car seat

23-year old Argentinean GP2 driver Jose Maria Lopez is mad at Renault for not choosing him as one of their test drivers instead of Piquet and Zonta.

"I did a lot of things for them to consider me (for their line-up)," Lopez told the Marca newspaper.

"What Renault has done, I think, shows a lack of respect. Now, I'll have to see what plans they have for me for the future. Maybe there's a chance they will transfer me to another team for a couple of years.

"I wanted to be in Formula One in 2007. Racing in GP2 for another year will do me no good."

There are not many F1 test seats open for next year with any decent teams, so scuttlebutt is that Lopez could look for a Champ Car seat. If the rumored Argentina Champ Car race had materialized last year, this would have been a perfect fit for Lopez and for Champ Car. Politics in Argentina killed that deal, but there is still a chance the race could happen in the future. Champ Car still has a goal of racing in Brazil and/or Argentina in future years if the right deals can be put together.

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