‘Copse’ corner could be changed

(GMM) The Silverstone circuit, criticized in recent weeks for lagging in terms of safety, is likely to undergo changes at two key corners.

The high-speed 'Copse' and 'Bridge' corners could be re-profiled ahead of the 2007 race, with bigger run-off zones, following a meeting about the issue headed by the FIA's Charlie Whiting at the British circuit this weekend.

''(Copse is) so dangerous,'' Juan Pablo Montoya said recently, ''but they should change just the safety.''

At flat-out Copse, however, an extension to the run-off zone would likely be very costly as it would involve the removal of a grandstand. A change to the corner profile itself, therefore, would make more sense to the track-owning 'BRDC', which would have to pay for the update.

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