Tata Unhappy with Karthikeyan’s Role At Williams?

UPDATE (GMM) India's Narain Karthikeyan is unlikely to graduate from his test seat to race for Williams next year, the team's F1 principal said on Thursday.

Co-owner Sir Frank Williams told Indian journalists in a video conference that Karthikeyan, who debuted for Jordan last season, had become 'much more consistent' during his tests in 2006.

''The chances of (him) being in the (race) team are by no means impossible,'' Williams added, ''but not very high.''

Although the Grove based team's chief also branded Karthikeyan as a 'little bit erratic', the racer himself said he was enjoying his role after a year at the back of the F1 pack.

Karthikeyan remarked: ''I would like to stay here on a long-term basis.''

02/07/06 The Tata Group, India’s largest private sector group with over 93 companies in various sectors, is threatening to pull the plug on their affiliation with the Grove based team if Narain Karthikeyan is not promoted to the WilliamsF1 Team Friday drive role. Although Tata was more than willing to put their logo on the nose of this year's WilliamsF1 contender, they were hoping that their backing would land Narain a Friday drive at a minimum, not the totally out of the spotlight test driver role.

This rumor is from the grapevine, and may have no merit. It may just be someone trying to stir up trouble. Stay tuned if we learn any more……

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