Coulthard in Ferrari link

(GMM) David Coulthard has reacted coyly to speculation that he has been in contact with Ferrari about 2007.

The veteran Scot, linked also with retaining his Red Bull drive but also with Toyota, blankly refused to rule out what appeared initially to be a merely far-fetched story.

''It's inevitable that everyone has to know what the market-place offers,'' said Coulthard, 35, whose career was rescued by Red Bull last year following a nearly decade-long stay at McLaren.

Asked directly if he had spoken with Jean Todt about a red-colored racing berth, he replied: ''That's none of your business.

''Everyone talks to everyone at this stage of the season.''

It is a possibility that the dubious Ferrari story is part of Martin Brundle-managed Coulthard's negotiations with his current team; which, incidentally, is powered by Ferrari engines.

DC continued: ''I don't believe there's any fight or struggle (to keep the seat).

''It's quite clear that I want to drive the (Red Bull) car next year.''

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