Formula E Decides Not To Scrap Qualifying Group Lottery For ’17-18

Formula E in Montreal
Formula E in Montreal

Formula E "is not going ahead with a plan to drop the controversial qualifying group lottery" for the '17-18 season, according to Scott Mitchell of MOTORSPORT.

Since the series' inception, qualifying has taken place with the 20-driver field split into four groups of five, "and those groups have been decided by a lottery."

It was tweaked for '15-16 so the five fastest qualifiers from the group stage progressed to a "superpole" session, "with the rest of the grid set by the fastest time."

The format "is entertaining but has also drawn criticism from some drivers and teams because certain tracks disadvantage those who run in the first group."

A proposal was made to decide groups by championship order instead, "keeping rivals together and ensuring no significant influence from variables like changing weather." MOTORSPORT

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