Mexico F1 promoter says no, tells USGP race promoter to move his race

Bobby Epstein told no way
Bobby Epstein told no way

Mexico F1 race organizer Alejandro Soberon has rejected Austin promoter Bobby Epstein's suggestion the Mexico event to be moved to June and paired with the Canadian Grand Prix.

The Mexico race is huge and the weather good that time of year.

However, at COTA, Epstein, concerned that the popularity of the Mexico event is impacting the United States round of the world championship, which is increasingly needing to look to pop concerts to boost attendance, is seeking to have the Mexico race moved to a June slot in a back to back with Canada, a suggestion dismissed by Soberon.

"Bobby is a fantastic guy and I love him," said Soberon, according to "I think he has a good idea to separate the races, but I think Bobby should move back to June, which would be great for him."It would make more sense to have Canada and the United States together, because they are closer," he continued. "They can do it in June and they can even make a package together to sell tickets for both races.

"I have a lot of respect for Bobby and what he is doing in Austin," he insists, "but for us it is impossible to move to June because it is rainy season. We are happy with the date we have. I have a lot of sympathy for him but we cannot move to June.

"It has become a big festival in the city," he said of the current slot, "and overall you cannot have a good experience if the weekend is so rainy."

"This is our third race," said Soberon, "and we should be having the following year to start extension talks. We have an election in Mexico, the race has brought tremendous profile for the country, and a good economic impact. There is going to be a new government and then we need to sit down and have a conversation with them and F1 about the possibility to extend it."

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