Bernie offer is F1 peace ’breaker’

(GMM) Although peace at Imola seemed imminent, a serious hurdle has emerged between the warring carmakers and F1's owners.

The British 'Sunday Express' newspaper has reported that, with no hands looking to be shaken in agreement this month, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has now withdrawn his offer to the 'GPMA' group of 60 per cent of F1's revenue.

The 75-year-old will seemingly only reconsider the proposal if the carmakers themselves (i.e. not their subsidiary teams), sign the commercial agreement to 2012.

This will almost certainly not happen.

To the carmakers' teams, Ecclestone is only offering 50 per cent, although it is substantially more than the current share of income.

The Sunday Express quoted a source as saying that the impasse could be viewed as a 'deal breaker', as previous talks had been based on the 60 per cent.

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