Concorde announcement imminent – rumor

(GMMf1NET) The existence of a new commercial F1 (Concorde) agreement, signed by all existing teams to include 2008-2012, will be announced imminently, it is rumored.

Ending once-and-for-all the conflict between the carmakers' 'GPMA' alliance, the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone, the news would give the weekend's Australian grand prix an atypically unified feel, devoid of tired politics.

''We aim at a compromise,'' Bernie told sports magazine Kicker, ''to halve the budgets but still allow the development of technology.''

But Ecclestone, who has now officially relinquished his role as commercial rights holder to confirmed new owner 'CVC', revealed that McLaren's Ron Dennis proved a significant stumbling block to a deal.

''It's typical Ron,'' the diminutive Briton, to remain chief executive, told Germany's 'Auto Motor Und Sport'.

Bernie added: ''He wants equality for all but a little bit more for himself.''

Ecclestone, however, suggested that Dennis and carmaker partner Mercedes-Benz were ultimately forced to ditch plans for a rival series.

The 75-year-old revealed that McLaren's contracts for 2007 and beyond with Fernando Alonso and Vodafone were valid only if the silver team raced in the current FIA-run formula one championship.

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