Cheat storm could engulf F1

(GMMf1NET) F1's 'flexi-wing' saga might be just one of multiple rule infringements in 2006, with a report suggesting that at least two other cases of suspected cheating could now be under review.

Germany's 'RTL' broadcaster claims that, Ferrari aside, up to five other teams are being watched — including champions Renault.

''Renault have always had impressive speed off the line,'' said Niki Lauda, referring to Fernando Alonso's rocket-like start at Sepang, ''but what we saw (in Malaysia) was unusual.''

It is suggested that Renault could be running a form of launch control, despite the fact that the technology is not allowed.

Former Sauber principal Peter Sauber, meanwhile, told 'Sport Bild' that – not including Ferrari, BMW-Sauber and McLaren – at least three other teams were running dubious 'flexi' wings in Malaysia.

''But what the Ferrari wing was doing (ie. flexing) was the most extreme,'' said the Swiss.

'RTL' suggested that Honda and Toyota could be two of Sauber's three.

Also attracting rivals' ire is a new braking system devised by Ferrari, which is seen by some as yet another moveable aerodynamic device.

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