‘MF1’ to race Russian driver in 2007

(GMMf1NET) Midland's F1 team could put a Russian in the racing cockpit as soon as next year, according to 'MF1' owner Alex Shnaider.

The naturalized Canadian, who nonetheless was born in Russia, sang the praises of 24-year-old test driver Roman Rusinov, 24, in the 'Sovietsky Sport' publication.

Asked when a Russian driver might race for the team with a Russian license, Shnaider said: ''I think no earlier than 2007.

''Naturally, we all want a Russian driver behind the wheel of (the) car, but Roman needs to spend the season as our test driver to get used to the car and amass experience.''

Shnaider, who is younger than Michael Schumacher (37) but already a billionaire, admitted to frustration that Midland had largely failed to attract any Russian sponsorship for his team.

He explained: ''(But) it's not that simple. Even in the West, it takes several years to hammer out top deals.

''I'm sure that now, with a totally Russian team with a flag on board, interest in sponsorship will increase.''

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