St. Pete tickets sales strong

UPDATE #2 Below is a comparison of how many grandstands St. Pete had when CART raced there vs. now with the IRL there. Looks like they have removed some grandstands since the CART days.

Left the CART grandstand layout, Right the IRL grandstand layout.

02/03/06 A reader adds, Dear Autoracing1, My brother works for a company providing services for the race and just this week they were told to put more laborers on because the promoters are adding additional grandstands. I can't tell you how much I detest TG and the IRL but how did Champ Car let this race get away from them? Talk about city festivals and great locations – St. Pete is right along the water in a vibrant city. Tampa is a stones throw, Orlando and the surrounding areas are the perfect demographic of affluent college educated young families perfect for Champ Cars business model and attracting sponsors. I won't buy a ticket but they gave away the store on this one and someone should be shot. Steve Callahan Naples, Fla.

02/03/06 We are hearing that ticket sales for the St. Pete IRL race are strong. Recall this was a Champ Car race and when CART decided not to go back, instead of picking up all the wall and fencing that they owned, they gave it to the city for free. The city in turn gives it to Andretti Green promotions to use for free for their IRL race. What would have been a great season opening race for Champ Car each year, is now a great race for their opposition.

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