Friday Morning update from Sonoma Raceway

Bourdais thinks they need to resurface the track

It is a beautiful, cool morning here in Sonoma, California. The sun is out and the temperature is 60 degrees. Practice 1 for the IndyCars will start at 10 am today. The wind was definitely an issue for the testing yesterday, changing direction during the sessions. But today it much calmer.

The drivers we talked too yesterday mentioned how hard setting up the car is when the wind and the temperatures keep changing.

Sebastien Bourdais mentioned after his press conference that the racing surface is very abrasive and is degrading the tires. Bourdais commented, "I don't think the track has been resurfaced in a long time. If they resurfaced, we would see a lap be 4 or 5 seconds faster."

We will have more to report after this session.

Lucille Dust reporting live from Sonoma Raceway….

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