Boatload of drivers hit with F1’s silly grid penalties in Monza

Renault drivers like Hulkenberg hammered with penalties
Renault drivers like Hulkenberg hammered with penalties

Renault drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Jolyon Palmer have joined the penalty list for this weekend's Italian Grand Prix, after new power unit elements were fitted to their cars.

Under the silly Formula 1 regulations that rob fans of seeing their drivers racing to win, drivers are allowed to use only four of each of the six elements that make up the power unit before grid penalties are imposed. As you read below one has to laugh just how stupid the F1 rules are as penalties are sometimes multiple times the entire grid size.

A 10-place grid penalty is imposed the first time a fifth element is used, with a five-place drop imposed the first time a fifth of any of the remaining elements is used.

Palmer has taken on a fifth Turbocharger and fifth MGU-H, resulting in a 15-place grid penalty, with team-mate Hülkenberg also using a fifth MGU-H, landing a 10-place drop.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen's penalty will rise from 15 to 20 places, after the Red Bull driver moved on to a fifth Turbocharger.

Several other drivers have been hit with engine and gearbox-related penalties at Monza.

As it stands, Fernando Alonso has a 35-place grid penalty, followed by Daniel Ricciardo with 25, Verstappen with 20, Palmer with 15 and Carlos Sainz Jr. and Hülkenberg with 10.

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