Ford GT deliveries delayed

Ford GT
Ford GT

The note below was sent out to all who ordered Ford GTs. Signatories are Dave Pericak, who heads up Ford Performance, and the group’s marketing boss, Henry Ford III. Apparently, Ford Performance cannot yet fulfill the first year’s production. In italics, here is the letter.

Dear Ford GT customer:

We are writing to you regarding the status of your Ford GT. As you know, the Ford GT is a low-volume, hand-built super car that follows a unique and exclusive production process. The craftsmanship required to build these vehicles for global markets has required that we adjust our original timing projections, and the intent of this notification is to make you aware of these changes.

We originally sent you your “Order Window Notification" letter marking the three-month timeframe in which you would enter your ordering window with the Ford GT Concierge. If you have already ordered your vehicle, you were given a seasonal projection for your delivery timing. These projections were calculated based on local approvals for sale, transportation groupings, seasonal weather conditions, and vehicle order configurations.

If you have already placed your order, your Ford GT Concierge will provide you with an updated three-month projected delivery window within one week. If you are waiting to enter your order window, we will be contacting you within one week with a new “Order Window Notification" letter.

Thank you for your patience and understanding; we value you as a true Ford ambassador and know you will love this vehicle.


Dave Pericak, Global Director, Ford Performance
Henry Ford III, Global Marketing Manager, Ford Performance

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