Max Chilton, 26 has married his long-time girlfriend Chloe Roberts, 24, an artist

Max and his new wife Chloe
Max and his new wife Chloe

British motor racing driver Max Chilton has tied the knot with his artist fiancee Chloe Roberts in his hometown of Surrey, England.

The 26-year-old IndyCar driver married his long-time partner at St Michael's Church in Betchworth, the same wedding venue where famed film Four Weddings and Funeral was shot.

Originally from Reigate, Max has stormed the American sport becoming the first driver to be classified in every race he started in his debut season in 2006.

His new wife, also from Surrey, is an artist and painter who knits and creates sea themed artwork in her spare time

She recently graduated with a distinction in a diploma in arts and design from The University of the Arts, London.

The beautiful bride wore a stunning white dress with her blond hair loosely over her shoulders for her special day

'Knitting is definitely a passion! I am actually doing a degree at University in Knit, so it comes everywhere with me so I can get work done', the 24-year-old told Everything F1.

The teenage sweethearts have been inseparable since Max moved to the states to further his career in 2013, with Chloe regularly seen knitting in paddocks as she waits for race-cars to come on the track.

'I was taught to knit by my grandma when I was really young and I have always loved making things by hand. I have always been drawn to unique hand made things that have had a lot of time and effort put into making them. I think it makes things more special!', she said in an interview in 2014.

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