Daly runs out of gas while driving his regular car

We know money is tight in the IndyCar paddock as a result of lack of sponsors who pay huge sums of money to sponsor cars like it was back in the CART days. Tony George destroyed that. Now many drivers have to buy their ride, and/or do not get paid because low TV ratings on NBCSN have teams starving for sponsors.

But we did not think it was this bad.

In just his second full-time season, Conor Daly is still new to the IndyCar Series, and his 2017 season on the track isn't going as well as he probably hoped, as he's currently ranked 19th in the driver standings.

It seems Daly recently ran out of gas in his passenger car and posted this tweet about it.

At least he made a joke about it.

Tagging his post #BadLuckConor, at least Daly can laugh at himself. But he also made a joke about fellow IndyCar driver Alexander Rossi, who surprised everyone by winning the 2016 Indy 500. Rossi was incredibly low on fuel late in the race, but he was able to conserve it and cross the finish line before his car came to a stop.

He reportedly practiced his fuel-saving technique in his passenger car, so maybe Daly could get a few pointers.

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