Tony George to go down with the ship

The IRL boldly promised, no mandated, that all engines in the IRL must carry a passenger car manufacturer's name tag. Well you can throw that page out of their rulebook as well. IRL president Brian Barnhart admits no other manufacturer has indicated an interest in joining the series in time for 2007 when Honda will likely be the only engine option. It's possible the IRL will allow companies such as Ilmor and Cosworth to supply engines without a manufacturer badge.

Ilmor, which is owned by Penske, currently works with Honda while Cosworth currently builds the Chevy powerplants. Ironically, Cosworth is now owned by Champ Car co-owners Kevin Kalkhoven and Gerald Forsythe. Their decision whether or not to continue supplying engines could impact directly on the future of their rival.

Team owner Chip Ganassi has reportedly pleaded with IRL officials to work with Champ Car to try and unify the two sides. "These guys better start smelling the roses, quit this tit-for-tat stuff and get this thing together – both sides," Ganassi tells the Indianapolis Star. "(My sponsor) isn't dissatisfied with the IRL, it's dissatisfied with the powers-to-be in open-wheel racing."

[Editor's Note: Psst, quick someone please tell Mr. Ganassi that unless Tony George gives up on wanting to be the supreme ruler a unification is not going to happen. Champ Car proposed a 50/50 deal and Tony refused. Tony sent back a counter-proposal that essentially made him King and Emperor. Champ Car did not even bother to respond it was so ludicrous. Tony George started the split that destroyed the sport and he is carrying on the split as he watches his empire crumble around him. The captain must go down with the ship. Oops, we thought Roger was The Captain?]

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