Paul Page back?

A reader asks, Dear, I was at the Denver GP and noticed a familiar voice over the P.A. system….it was Paul Page. It reminded me of the old CART days. My question to is was this just a one time thing for Mr. Page or is he going to back on the air with Champ Car? Rick Benjamin is a good announcer, but Paul Page is THE VOICE of Champ Car despite his brief stint as the voice of the IRL. (likely due to his ABC contract). I really hope that he has been hired by Champ Car and should be back in the broadcast booth immediately. Peter M. Romero, Albuquerque New Mexico Dear Peter, We ran into Paul Page at the Edmonton GP and at the time he told us he was doing Champ Car play-by-play for Global TV in Canada, but we're not sure what his commitments are beyond that. You are correct, he did become an IRL announcer because of his contract with ABC and a lot of CART/Champ Car fans threw him under the bus because of that. He has since been released and is generally doing a decent job with Champ Car the couple of times we have heard him this year. Could we see Benjamin and Page in the booth for USA TV next year for Champ Car? Mark C.

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