Foyt team to switch to Chevy

UPDATE #3 This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' see Hot News item announcing Foyt's switch to Chevy from Toyota. 08/07/05 This rumor is increased to 'strong' based on this report in the Indy Star – A.J. Foyt IV confirmed his family's team is working on a switch to Chevrolet power for next week's race at Kentucky Speedway. The team has used Toyotas since the beginning of the 2003 season. 08/06/05 A reader adds, The reason Foyt is switching to a Chevy is easy to see. They will be gone at the end of the season (as will Foyt). Since Anthony is going to Busch along with Larry, and their engine supply will have dried up, it will then be the easiest time for AJ to walk away from the IRL. He can retire and come to Indy in May as a 4 time winner and bask in the accolades rather than struggle at the back of the pack. Chuck Obendorf, Stow, OH Dear Chuck, If this rumor is true, it could have more to do with Foyt IV running a Chevy in Busch and wanting to develop a working relationship now. However, the rumors are Foyt IV is talking to Ray Evernham, who runs Dodges. Mark C. 08/06/05 Word in the Michigan garage last weekend was that the AJ Foyt team is trying to get a release from Toyota and run Chevy engines the rest of the year, even though they have a contract through 2006. The marriage between Foyt and Toyota is not a good one and Foyt is always complaining that his Toyota engines make less HP than the rest. Toyota in turn looks bad running at the back with Foyt IV, so a divorce might be amicable. Since next year is Toyota's last they would save money not providing Foyt engines.

But why would Foyt switch to Chevy power now when it is supposedly their last year in the IRL?….Unless Foyt thinks Chevy will stay around longer.

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