Overheard in Edmonton – I (New team owner)

UPDATE #4 AutoRacing1.com has learned that Ford has delivered on their promise and all the Champ Car drivers have received a 2005 Mustang GT, so that part of this rumor below is now 'fact.' Mark C. 07/28/05 AutoRacing1.com has learned that Cedric is not available to make the team owner announcement this weekend in San Jose. The announcement of him becoming a co-owner will now be made at the Denver race in two weeks. To reinforce this rumor, Cedric the Entertainer was on the Bob and Tom national radio show discussing starting or working with a team in Champ Car. 07/25/05 We were sworn to secrecy on this one, but since someone else let the cat out of the bag……The July issue of PRN (Performance Racing News).has an article written by Cathy Haag in her Caution Period column: It says, and we quote, "Cedric Kyles announced his intentions to start a Champ Car team in 2006. Kyles, better known as "Cedric The Entertainer", starred in the recent Honeymooners remake and is a regular on the "Tonight Show" with car guy Jay Leno. Kyles met with Paul Newman to get the ins and outs of running a team. There's been no speculation on who might be the driver." AutoRacing1.com will tell you part of the story, but not all. Cedric won't start a new team, but will buy into an existing team, a team that is good, but just needs a co-owner with resources (i.e. money) and a name to attract sponsors. We won't tell you what team it is, but we were told by a source to expect an announcement this weekend in San Jose. Mark C. 07/16/05 We hear both the new team sponsor as well as the team that is getting a new co-owner should both be announced at San Jose. These are two separate deals. 07/15/05 We hear one team has landed a very big new sponsor for next year and another team is close to signing a deal that will see a famous name come in as a co-owner of the team, and bring sponsorship with them……We hear that Cosworth can design starters for the 2007 Champ Car, but the starter motor and battery will add weight to the car……We hear that Champ Car has some new electronics that they hope to implement for 2007……All the Champ Car drivers are getting new Mustang GT's courtesy of Ford…….The new Champ Car will be an all-new car, contrary to our previous rumor……More later…..Mark C.

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