2025 Open Wheel Car Concepts

2015 Open Wheel concept car
2015 Open Wheel concept car

As Formula One will adopt the hideous halo head protection in 2018, and IndyCar will adopt a hideous looking windscreen, we’ve been left to wonder what the sport will look like in 2025 and if a more elegant solution will be designed.

World Champion Lewis Hamilton has previously said if head protection has to be adopted it should be a jet fighter-style canopy and thanks to Behance designer Antonio Paglia, we’ve got a chance to see how a futuristic F1 car could look with a Perspex canopy that’s been seamlessly integrated into the body.

Unlike current F1 cars, the 2025 racer adopts even more complex aerodynamic components and has more curvaceous body panels, including the bulging side pods and various fins protruding from the body. There’s even an entirely new rear wing that looks much more appealing than those currently used in the sport. Brad Anderson/Carscoops

2015F1ConceptCar3.jpg 2015F1ConceptCar4.jpg 2015F1ConceptCar5.jpg 2015F1ConceptCar6.jpg 2015F1ConceptCar7.jpg
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