McMurray wants Truce with Kenseth

UPDATE After qualifying Saturday afternoon, Kenseth was more conciliatory, saying he was not unhappy that McMurray is joining the Roush organization, apparently in 2007, and apparently as driver of Martin's No. 6.

"I was unhappy that nobody told us who the driver was," Kenseth said. "It wasn’t his [Roush’s] choice. I think his choice was fine. I think Jamie’s a great driver, and he’ll do fine over there," Kenseth said. "It just caught me by surprise more than anything.

"I probably overreacted on the deal a little bit. Part of it is from frustration that we aren’t running as good as I hoped we would be at this time of year. Sometimes you get frustrated and say things you shouldn’t."

08/07/05 Jamie McMurray is ready to put an end to his three-week feud with #17-Matt Kenseth. McMurray was livid at Kenseth after being knocked out of a race three weeks ago at Loudon, N.H., and refused to return Kenseth's phone calls. They are due to become teammates when McMurray replaces Mark Martin at Roush Racing in 2007. Perhaps sitting in the rain all day Friday finally cooled McMurray off. "I need to find Matt this weekend and get it all worked out. It doesn't do any good to let it go on," he said. "It's probably somewhat my fault. I didn't call him back (because) I didn't really know what to say at the time. I'm over it." Indianapolis Star

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