Was Manning a scapegoat for Ganassi?

Obviously, Darren Manning is the scapegoat for the freefall and disaster that has become Target/Chip Ganassi Racing in the IRL. With nearly $3 million worth of wrecked equipment, Ganassi sacked Manning and replaced him with Jaques Lazier, who promptly wiped out another car in a big crash that wasn't his fault.

"Drivers get all the glory and, unfortunately, our heads are on the chopping block," said Manning, who spent last weekend at the Champ Car race in San Jose. "Obviously, the whole team's performance is suffering and we haven't had the results.

"But Scott (Dixon), Ryan (Briscoe) and myself were always battling for the same spot on the grid so it's not like there was much difference between us." More at SPEEDTV.com [Editors Note: We hear Manning may have had some issues that Ganassi was not happy with. Hard to say what the real truth is.]

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