Massa to replace Barrichello at Ferrari

UPDATE #2 This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' today. See story on Hot News page. 07/31/05 Felipe Massa admitted this Sunday, in an interview with Radio Globo, that his chances of becoming a Ferrari driver in 2006, in the spot vacated by Rubens Barrichello who will drive for BAR, are very big. "With Rubinho out, with out a doubt I can say there is a big possibility that I will race for Ferrari. But that doesn't mean that's where I will race. My work has been good of late and there are lots of teams, not just Ferrari, that are watching my progress. I've already driven a Ferrari and lived a great year", said Massa. Massa & his manager, Frenchman Nicolas Todt, son of Sporting Director for Ferrari, Jean Todt, made Ferrari happy when Massa was a test driver for them in 2003. In an interview with Rede Globo, Nicolas Todt didn't confirm the transfer of Massa to Ferrari, but Guaranteed the Brazilian will be at the wheel of "A very good car" in 2006.

07/31/05 Felipe Massa's rumored move to Ferrari in 2006 has been all but confirmed by Peter Sauber. "I would have liked to keep Felipe with my team for one more year, but it's too late now," Sauber told the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Ferrari is my dream and it would be a fascinating experience, as long as you have a competitive car, which I would demand from Ferrari or others," said Massa. "Being teammate with Schumacher? It wouldn't be a problem: he's my reference point. If I beat him, then it would mean I'm on my way to become a champion myself."

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