Statement from Lime Rock Park re Skip Barber clears his name

Skip Barber
Skip Barber

LAKEVILLE, Conn. (July 27) – With significant legal decisions being handed down this Friday, July 28, in a State of New York courtroom regarding the bankruptcy filing of the Skip Barber Racing School, Skip Barber the person (president of Lime Rock Park) has issued a statement:

“It has come to my attention that there are some people both inside and outside the motorsport industry who erroneously concluded that the bankruptcy filing of the Skip Barber Racing School is somehow connected to me. I’ve even heard reports that ‘Skip Barber,’ referring to me, is bankrupt.

"I sold the school in its entirety nearly two decades ago (1999).

“I’m pretty sure I know why this happened; since the school’s founding in 1975, ‘Skip Barber’ became the universal shorthand for ‘Skip Barber Racing School.’ So when a headline reads, ‘Skip Barber Files for Bankruptcy,’ there are people wrongly concluding it means me.

“To be clear: I have not filed for bankruptcy. Lime Rock Park is in fine financial shape. There is nothing connected to the Skip Barber Racing School’s attempt to re-organize its business under bankruptcy law that’s connected to Lime Rock aside from its outstanding debt to the track.

“Lastly, I want to thank the local, national and international news outlets who, in their very first reporting of the school’s bankruptcy filing, made it clear that I have no connection to the Skip Barber Racing School."

Skip Barber, Lime Rock Park

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