Can Artam and F1

UPDATE We are raising this rumor to 'strong' today. As exclusively reported last Wednesday, Turkish GP2 driver Can Artam is tipped to soon drive onto the grand prix scene. The 24-year-old is touted for a Jordan or Minardi 'demo' run at the first ever F1 event in Istanbul late next month. Back of the grid Minardi owner and principal Paul Stoddart told Reuters that he has 'talked to a Turkish driver.'

''If a commercial deal is concluded,'' the gruff Australian added, ''we would be proud to run him in Turkey.''

Reports that Can – actually pronounced 'Jan' – might snare a FIA 'superlicense' and become Patrick Friesacher's Hockenheim replacement, though, are wide of the mark.

07/13/05 Can Artam could be set to become the newest name on the F1 stage. The 24-year-old, from Turkey, is tipped to do a deal with either Jordan or Minardi and appear as a 'Friday' driver at his country's inaugural grand prix at Istanbul next month. He is a regular in the GP2 category.

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