Future of USGP still uncertain

UPDATE #2 Speedway president Joie Chitwood said track officials were still considering whether to host Formula One's only United States race for a seventh year. "At this point in time I can't confirm there will be a 2006 United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis," Chitwood told the USA Today. "Obviously, there is always a concern of something like what happened this year happen again," Chitwood said. "We're having discussions on what makes sense for us."

Michelin spokesman Michael Fanning said the company's troubles at Indianapolis were an aberration. "This is something that will never happen again," he said.

06/29/05 A reader adds, While the IMS ticket office is not cashing checks or charging credit cards while taking orders, the same cannot be said of ticket renewals placed online. My credit card was immediately charged and appeared on my credit card account within 1 day. Dan Racan 06/29/05 An IMS telephone operator yesterday said of tickets for the ’06 race: “We are taking orders from our subscribers, but we will not cash their checks or charge their credit cards until after IMS has made a decision on the future of the event" Toronto Sun

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