Rousch Racing for sale?

Car owners Felix Sabates and Jack Roush had a brief spat in the garage after Sunday’s race. At issue was Roush’s signing of Jamie McMurray to drive for him, beginning in 2007. Roush signed McMurray this week. McMurray’s team, owned by Chip Ganassi and Sabates, has a one-year option on McMurray for next season and is expected to exercise that. After the race, Sabates saw Roush and commented about the move. “I just said it was a great, great move hiring Jamie, so he’ll have a stable of great drivers, so when he sells the company, he’ll get a bunch of money," Sabates said. “He’s been trying to sell it." Roush responded to Sabates: “I’m not for sale, pal." Roush walked away from Sabates soon after that comment. News and Record

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